About Adda Leah Davis

Adda Leah Davis was born in McDowell County, West Virginia, the youngest in a family of ten, of Scots/Irish descent. This heritage gives her the background to tell authentic tales of the Scots/Irish who settled in the Appalachian Coalfields. Davis is an avid reader and writer who constantly works on several books at a time. In this way she never gets ‘writer’s block’ but only goes to another book when that one isn’t going well.

Davis first published in 1997 with a biography called Here I Am Again, Lord, Landon Colley an old time Primitive Baptist Universalist Preacher which was and is well-received by her readers. Since then she has written and published nineteen books; The Lucinda Harmon Saga (a 4 book series) which contains Lucinda’s Mountain, Jason’s Journey, The Beckoning Hills, and Farther Along. A second 4 book mystery series consisting of A Fatal Beginning, A Fatal Love of Place, A Fatal Web of Deceit, and Fatal Choices and Second Chances are also out and selling well. Davis’ stand alone novels are: Abigail’s Redemption, A Heaven Sent Wife, The Whisperer, three school curriculum enhancement workbooks, and three books for children: Caleb’s Song. Rocky’s Lesson, and Life Cycles in Nature.

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