An Untangling Tale Series

Book 1:  A Fatal Love of Place
Book 2:  A Fatal Web of Deceit 
Book 3:  Fatal Choices and Second Chances

* Complete your set with A Fatal Beginning,a spinoff series featuring Margie Meadows.

More Books by Adda Leah Davis

Here I Am Again, Lord: Landon Colley, an Old Time Primitive Baptist Universalist Preacher

Landon Colley’s life reveals vivid images of and insights into the culture and society influenced by the economic and political climate of central Appalachia. This work spans an era from the 20’s until the present day. His deep rooted spiritualism has blended faith with tenacity in facing all adversity. Fraught with early loss, disillusionment, and pain yet interspersed with wisdom and humor, this is a book to touch one’s understanding and one’s heart.

Abigail’s Redemption

Abigail was traumatized at a young age and it has kept her from a normal life. Lucas Sutherland meets her and through his love and patience, he becomes her redemption.

A Heaven Sent Wife (The Priory Heritage Series)

Lord Devon Langford knew that his family expected him to marry, since he was nearing thirty years of age, but he did not want his marriage arranged by someone else. His paternal grandmother and his own mother were constantly inviting possible brides to places he would be or even to family events in hopes that he would choose one of them.


Lucinda Harmon Series

Books for Kids and Young Adults

12 year old investigator Janie Query and her reluctant helper, Prudence Leery take on a case that could lead them to a permanent place in the Garden of Eternal Peace cemetery where they are investigating. You don’t want to miss out on this adventure.

Rocky’s Lesson

After Joey loses his mother, he befriends a little red squirrel that teaches him a lesson in grief. Rocky’s lesson is a valuable one for all ages. Read it and see.

Fantasy Stories of the Life Cycles in Nature: Making Science Enjoyable

The stories in this book are fact mixed with fantasy to make learning science more enjoyable. You will learn about the life cycles in nature, such as the butterfly, the moon, the ocean tides and the water cycle. This is a great teaching tool for the elementary reader.

Caleb’s Song

This is the story of love. The pathway of love guides Caleb in the love and adoration for his natural father. This love steers Caleb toward the joyous exaltation found in the love of the Heavenly Father. The song is symbolic of the need for God’s love and sheltering grace that only He can give. Good fathers are natural examples of the nurturing and caring of the Heavenly Father and Caleb is blessed to have both.

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