Lucinda Harmon Saga (Series)



A Four Book Series

Book 1: Lucinda’s Mountain
Book #1 of the Lucinda Harmon saga takes you to McDowell County, West Virginia where you will meet the main character Lucinda and the struggles she faces during the 1950s.

Book 2:  Jason’s Journey
Jason McCall is a young doctor who loves challenges. He embarks on many journeys: cultural clashes, unrequited love, the Korean War, a new field of medicine, political machinations of McDowell County, marriage, fatherhood, and overwhelming guilt to his unfaithful heart until a mysterious box reveals a life shattering revelation.

Book 3:  The Beckoning Hills
The saga of Lucinda Harmon and Jason McCall continue in this third book of the series. Find out how Lucinda, through her faith and strength, overcome the tragedies of her life and come again to find redemptive love she so desperately needed.

Book 4:  Farther Along
Lucinda Harmon’s husband dies and Jason McCall’s wife dies. Lucinda and Jason begin a courtship that ends in a “happily ever after” wedding and life. A must read to see the Lucinda Harmon saga come to fruition.


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