The Whisperer



Janie Query is an impulsive, nosey, inquisitive busybody-or so people say. She willingly admits to being curious since she is an avid twelve-year-old investigator. Unknowingly Janie helps to keep her small town safe by using her skills of reasoning in solving problems. With the help of her skittish friend, Prudence Leery no crime remains a secret around Curious Janie Query, but in this case she gets in over her head.

One night she and Prudence take a “snooping trip” into the local cemetery, the Garden of Eternal Peace and witnessed a very mysterious event. Two men, one with a rasping whispered voice, were carrying a large crate out of the cemetery. Janie and her friend hide behind a tree because she senses that they are up to no good. One man says they have to return later, so Janie plans to return, too. Even though, Prudence thinks Janie is crazy to pursue the whispering man, Janie refuses to be deterred. Her curiosity always overrides her caution and Janie tucks her pigtails under her cap and decides to get to the bottom of this cemetery mystery. She could end up a hero-or a permanent resident in the Garden of Eternal Peace.

  • 104 pages, paperback
  • Published by Abbott Press
  • ISBN-10: 1458217213
  • ISBN-13: 978-1458217219

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